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"Learn French with Story, Music and song."

"Finally, a way to learn french that is easy and fun."

What if all you had to do was listen and learn, just the way you learned your first language. Except with this one of a kind program, you’re listening to an intriguing story written in beginning French which also has music and song—igniting your right brain!

Watch the video for lesson examples.

Learn French Fast

Like you never imagined. It’s fun. You listen to an exciting story and learn French along the way.

Music and Song

All woven into the story, just like listening to a movie. Increases retention with right and left brain learning.

For Everyone:

It is easy to learn French. Every three year old can do it. Il Fait Beau is for beginners and intermediates. It is for all those who want to increase listening and speaking ability.

The Best Way to Learn French

The way to learn French is the way your mother taught you. Listening first, then speaking. No reading, no writing until after you're speaking.

Easy French Reader

An easy French reader is available separately online which follows the story. Great reinforcement to what you have learned. Click here for further information:


Il Fait Beau breaks the story down into 15 minute segments followed by lessons which increase your retention. Afterwards you can download the entire uninterrupted story. You’ll be amazed at what you understand.


Wanted to thank you for a fun way to learn French. In October, my husband and I went to France. I had taken French in high school, but had not reviewed anything about it since then. I wanted to re-familiarize myself with French for the trip, but it just seemed too overwhelming. Then I found Language and Lyrics. This was probably not the way to use the program, but I listened to all of the CDs over a 2 week period. Because I had French in high school, I wanted to push myself a little bit, so whenever there was a segment of drill, I tried to answer in a sentence. This was a really fun way to re-learn French and I did use many of the phrases while in Paris. The story was fun, the exercises were fun and sometimes funny, and the music provided a welcome variation in the instruction. Very well done, and fun to use.

~ Angela K

Hello!! yes! I did start my lessons and I find them very very cool!! its easy and I can listen to them even while im doing other stuff and thats great! i live in France lately and though i could understand and speak some basic french your lessons help me improve a lot! thanx a lot!!

~ Jojo A.

I enjoy listening to your program because it builds slowly, the French is said clearly and more slowly, the story is fun, and the music is enjoyable. Also the exercises vary the learning experience. The repetition helps. I think the program is well done.

~ Dr.Karen J.

You have a great product! I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. The whole trick is not to have the fastest way to learn. The trick is to have something that works well and that you actually want to listen to over and over.

~ John T

About the Creators of Language and Lyrics

Dennis Dunham, PhD

Dr. Dennis Dunham has published numerous books in the field of second language acquisition. He has a passion for the “listening first approach. Dr. Dunham has been a cutting edge leader in International Affairs with numerous leadership awards. He was recently named by the Nation of South Korea and the United States State Department as the Honorary Consul for Korea for the state of Oklahoma.

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Kyle Dillingham

Kyle Dillingham has amazed audiences all over the world. He has performed for Kings and Princesses, Ambassadors and Governors. He recently received a note from Paul Kreuger, the president of PBS, "Ken Burns and I travel all over the United States, after hearing your performance; we turned to each other and agreed that we had witnesses something amazing!"

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