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"I'll Fait Beau, The Most Entertaining Way to Learn French"

Whole brain learning with Language and Lyrics

Finally, a stand-alone language learning program grounded in research.

The listening first approach allows speaking to happen spontaneously.

Just like your mother tongue.

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I am a beginning French student. I have been trying for years and I'm always looking for good tools to help me. My most difficult area is speaking and understanding the spoken word. This is where that 'extra' purchase comes in handy. The audio portion of Language and Lyrics is actually pretty good. It's helping me develop my ear to better understand the spoken French language. It's slow enough not to be frustrating and challenging enough to keep me learning. I'm happy with my entire purchase, both book and audio.

Amazon Review

I love how Il Fait Beau incorporates music, and a suspenseful story line. I am not saying that you will not learn french with Rosetta Stone or other products I am saying that you will learn more quickly and you will not get bored in the process.

Amazon Review