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"I'll Fait Beau, The Most Entertaining Way to Learn French"

Is Learning French Hard?

Many people ask the question 'is learning French hard?' The correct answer is no! if you are using the right method to learn French. Unfortunately, the answer is often yes, if you fall into one of the the common learning traps that keep people from learning French the wrong way.

Is Learning French Hard? Trap One: Belief That French and English Are More Similar Than They Really Are

One of the things that makes it hard to learn French is that the French and English languages are often very similar. This can lead you to believe that they're more similar than is actually the case, causing you to adopt poor pronunciation skills and to make assumptions about the meaning of words that may not actually be correct. To learn French, and to actually learn it right, you need to hear it used.

Is Learning French Hard? Trap Two: Trying to Learn French with Out of Date Methods

Oftentimes, standard language courses fail because they move right into reading and writing. Most often, the main components of the course will include reading and writing, listening and repeating. These methods are very, very old and aren't necessarily the best ways to go about trying to acquire skills in a new language. For that task, newer ideas are called for.

Reading and writing are advanced language skills. When your goal is to learn French, they present more of a barrier to that goal than anything else. This is because French and English have very different rules where writing is concerned. Though their alphabets look and sound similar, in the majority of cases, the languages actually do have separate alphabets; they just use many of the same characters. This means that reading a word in French when you're an English speaker will almost always lead you to think the word is pronounced much differently than is actually the case.

Is Learning French Hard? No, with The right method

Instead of using the reading and writing components, you may want to try materials that incorporate music and song. These materials help you learn French fast by encouraging you to listen and speak-or sing-more, which are more valuable activities for rapid language acquisition. If you think about it, no one in a Francophone country you visit is likely to expect you to read a French novel or write a letter in French. They will, however, need to understand you when you speak and be understood when they speak to you. This is why speaking and listening skills are so important. It's also why songs are so effective.

To learn French, pare down the learning experience to the essentials. For beginner students, the most important skills are speaking and listening. These are the first skills you learn as a child, long before you learn to read and write, and this progression from speaking and listening to reading and writing is a natural one. When language courses attempt to make it all into the same experience, they usually do far more harm than good to the students using those courses.

If you avoid the traps and use the right method (anchor link to sign up page), when someone asks you 'is learning French hard?' You'll be able to tell them, no!